import {useInfiniteQuery} from "blitz"
import getProjectsInfinite from "app/projects/queries/getProjectsInfinite"
function Projects(props) {
const [groupedProjects, {isFetching, isFetchingMore, fetchMore, canFetchMore}] = useInfiniteQuery(
(page = {take: 3, skip: 0}) => page,
getFetchMore: (lastGroup) => lastGroup.nextPage,
return (
{, i) => (
<React.Fragment key={i}>
{ => (
<p key={}>{}</p>
<button onClick={() => fetchMore()} disabled={!canFetchMore || !!isFetchingMore}>
{isFetchingMore ? "Loading more..." : canFetchMore ? "Load More" : "Nothing more to load"}
<div>{isFetching && !isFetchingMore ? "Fetching..." : null}</div>

And here's the query to work with that:

export default async function getProjectsInfinite({
}: GetProjectsInfiniteInput) {
const projects = await db.project.findMany({
const count = await db.project.count()
const hasMore = skip! + take! < count
const nextPage = hasMore ? {take, skip: skip! + take!} : null
return {


const [
] = useQuery(queryResolver, getQueryInputArguments, {
getFetchMore: (lastPage, allPages) => fetchMoreVariable


  • queryResolver: A Blitz query resolver
    • Required
  • getQueryInputArguments: (fetchMoreVariable) => queryInputArguments
    • Required
    • A function that accepts the current page options and returns the queryInputArguments
    • On the first page load, fetchMoreVariable is undefined.
    • For subsequent pages, fetchMoreVariable is whatever is returned from getFetchMore()
  • options
    • Optional


The options are identical to the options for the

useQuery hook with the addition of the following:

  • getFetchMore: Function(lastPage, allPages) => fetchMoreVariable | Boolean
    • When new data is received for this query, this function receives both the last page of the infinite list of data and the full array of all pages.
    • It should return a single variable that will be passed as the argument to getQueryInputArguments()


[groupedQueryFunctionResults, queryExtras]

groupedQueryFunctionResults: Array<any>
  • Defaults to [].
  • The array will contain each "page" of data that has been requested
queryExtras: Object
  • isFetching: Boolean
    • Will be true if the query is currently fetching, including background fetching.
  • failureCount: Integer
    • The failure count for the query.
    • Incremented every time the query fails.
    • Reset to 0 when the query succeeds.
  • refetch() - Function({ force, throwOnError }) => void
    • A function to manually refetch the query if it is stale.
    • To bypass the stale check, you can pass the force: true option and refetch it regardless of it's freshness
    • If the query errors, the error will only be logged. If you want an error to be thrown, pass the throwOnError: true option
  • fetchMore() - Function(fetchMoreVariableOverride, { previous }) => Promise
    • This function allows you to fetch the next "page" of results.
    • fetchMoreVariableOverride allows you to optionally override the fetch more variable returned from your getCanFetchMore option to your query function to retrieve the next page of results.
    • previous option which will determine if the data you are fetching is should be prepended instead of appended to your infinite list. e.g. fetchMore(nextPageVars, { previous: true })
  • canFetchMore: Boolean
    • If using paginated mode, this will be true if there is more data to be fetched (known via the required getFetchMore option function).
  • setQueryData() - Function(newData, opts) => void
    • A function to manually update the cache for a query.
    • newData can be an object of new data or a function that receives the old data and returns the new data
    • This is often used to instantly update the cache after submitting a form
    • After updating the cache, this will automatically call refetch() to ensure the data is correct. Disable refetch by passing an options object {refetch: false} as the second argument.
    • See the Blitz mutation usage docs for example usage of setQueryData()
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