Blitz 尚在 beat 阶段! 🎉 预计会在今年的 Q3 季度发布 1.0
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How the Community Operates


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Blitz is a Community Project 🤝

Blitz was initially started by Brandon Bayer, but from the very beginning it's always been a community project. 38 people contributed to the very first alpha version!

Blitz is not owned by a company, and it hasn't raised any venture capital.

Brandon works mostly full time on Blitz. He's averaged 30 hours per week since February 17, 2020 (so do the math if you want to see how much value you're getting for free 😉). And then he does consulting on the side to support himself.

All other contributors help in their free time. We now have over 200 total contributors!

Because Blitz is a community project, the entire community gets to help shape Blitz and where it goes in the future.

Where to Ask Questions

First, search the Blitz Discord and the GitHub repo to see if someone has already asked your question.

Next, post your question in our Discussion Forum. This is much better than Discord as it's easier for people to find and link to.

Then you're welcome to post a link to your Discussion thread in Discord, because GitHub Discussions don't have a Discord notification integration yet.

🙏 As you gain experience with Blitz, please help answer other peoples questions!

How to Report a Bug

First, search existing GitHub issues so see if someone has already reported your issue.

If not, then please open a new issue! Someone will usually reply to your new issue within a day or two.


Currently the core team is working on getting to 1.0, which mostly means smoothing rough edges and fixing bugs. However, anyone else is more than welcome to continue adding major features!

Our GitHub issues are where you can find our roadmap. Many planned features have GitHub issues, but not necessarily all of them do.

How to Propose Features/Changes

We love ideas and suggestions for how to make Blitz better! But please keep in mind we have a lot more feature ideas than contributor time to make them all happen. So it'd be great if you can make a PR too!

Minor Changes

For minor changes like adding a new CLI flag or something, simply open a new GitHub issue.

Everything Else: RFCs

For any other features, even as small as adding a single new React hook, please post your request as an RFC (Request for Comments) as a GitHub Discussion Thread.

To post an RFC, do the following:

  • Start the title with [RFC]
  • Include the following sections
    • ### What do you want and why?
    • ### How is this different from what you are currently doing?
    • ### Possible implementation(s)
  • After posting, please also share it in Discord in #request-for-comments.

Your Role

As a member of the Blitz community, we value your input, ideas, suggestions, and help!

Please feel very welcome to comment on any GitHub issue, pull request, RFC, etc! The community as a whole gets to shape where Blitz goes!

As you gain experience, we greatly appreciate your help including but not limited to, answering people's questions, reviewing PRs, improving documentation, submitting PRs, etc.

How to Level Up in the Community

You can gain respect and influence in our community by being regularly involved, being helpful, and being nice.

We have two official maintainer levels you can read about below, but you are more than welcome to do the work of a maintainer before being acknowledged as such. In fact doing the work of a maintainer is one of the best ways to level up in the community.

Another great way to level up is by teaching people about Blitz and helping them be successful Blitz developers. This can by blog posts, videos, courses, etc.

NPM Releases

Currently Brandon manually cut's all npm releases. If something you need has been merged to the canary branch but isn't in a canary release yet, Brandon will be happy to publish a new canary release if you mention it to him.


Currently the total amount of sponsorships and donations is way below a normal living wage. So all funds are currently going to Brandon. Once Brandon has a full time salary from Blitz, the funds will be used to pay others to work on Blitz too.

We also really appreciate when companies who use Blitz pay their employees to contribute to Blitz, either part-time or full-time!

Core Team

The Blitz core team consists of people who are deeply invested in Blitz. The core team has GitHub, Discord, and npm admin permissions. People can become core members by starting as a level 1 maintainer, becoming a level 2 maintainer, and then on to the core team.

Brandon Bayer

L2 Maintainers

Level 2 maintainers are the backbone of the community and are responsible for reviewing and merging PRs. They are watchdogs over the code, ensuring code quality, correctness, and security. They also help facilitate a rapid pace of progress.

For more details, see Being an L2 Maintainer

Simon Knott
Juan Martín Seery

L1 Maintainers

Level 1 maintainers primarily help manage the community and triage issues. They are critical for a healthy Blitz community . They take a lot of burden off the core team and level 2 maintainers so they can focus on higher level things with longer term impact.

For more details, see Being an L1 Maintainer

Jeremy LibermanSatoshi NitawakiPatrick EngelkesMyron DavisReo Ishiyama
Kevin Langley Jr.Alessandro BuonerbaTommaso BrunoAbu Uzayr

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